Broken Hill, Australia

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Broken Hill Guide: Spend Less, Do More

Welcome to Broken Hill

Broken Hill Living Desert Indigenous CultureBroken Hill lies on the edge of the New South Wales outback and has a long history of mining. Tourism is becoming an increasingly important part of the local economy and the community is keen to welcome new visitors.

Key sights

One of the most spectacular and unique attractions is the Sculpture Symposium. On a hillside outside the town, the natural sandstone of the area has been carved into twelve amazing sculptures that look their best at sunrise.

The natural beauty of the desert is celebrated at the Living Desert Flora and Fauna Sanctuary, about 9 kilometres from the town. You can book a guided tour and be introduced to the Aboriginal heritage, the animals and the wildflowers of the outback.

The mining tradition of the area is portrayed at the Albert Kersten Mining and Minerals Museum.


The town has plenty of restaurants, ranging from small bistros and tearooms through to fine dining and a steak house. Some of the hotels also welcome non-residents to join them for dinner. If you are looking for a quick family-friendly meal, there are a couple of chain restaurants available.

Hotspot for filmmaking

Broken Hil lTown HallBroken Hill has become a venue favoured by filmmakers. To celebrate the best in Australian cinema, they have the Big Screen Film Festival in the spring. The town has strong links with Ireland and every St. Patrick’s Day it hosts a race day, where locals and visitors alike can enjoy some superb outback horse racing.

Broken Hill Hotels and Accommodation

As an ideal location for outback tourism, Broken Hill has a wide range of accommodation for travellers to choose from. Accommodation in the town includes self-catering cottages, small historic hotels, large luxury hotels and traditional guesthouse. No matter what your budget or holiday preference is, you are bound to find something in Broken Hill to suit you.

Adelaide to Broken Hill: 5 h 38 min (520.2 km) via A32

Sydney to Broken Hill: 12 h 54 min (1,146 km) via A32

Canberra to Broken Hill: 11 h 28 min (1,090 km) via B79 and Sturt Hwy/A20

Melbourne to Broken Hill: 8 h 52 min (836 km) via B79 and Calder Hwy/A79

Wagga Wagga to Broken Hill: 8 h 45 min (847 km) via B79 and Sturt Hwy/A20

Accommodation, driving and car rental

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