Broome, Australia

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Broome Guide – Spend Less, Do More

Broome Cable Beach PanoramaThe Western Australian outback – some may say it's a fairly barren place with few plants, animals and people. But, on the Northwest corner of the country, a small town acts as an oasis for locals and travellers alike – that place's name: Broome. You couldn't believe your eyes when you saw it – a perfect seaside escape surrounded by desert.

So the first thing you do was hug the sand (not literally) and hit the turquoise waters for a swim at Cable Beach. And for all those lovers of filters out there, you won't need one – this Indian Ocean sunset stands on its own merit. As the day drew to a close, you swore you heard a bird calling. So you headed to Roebuck Bay and lo and behold, it was a bird – or more accurately, thousands of them at the Broome Bird Observatory. But the wonders of this paradise in the desert were only just starting to reveal themselves to you!

No crowds and it's free? You must be pulling my leg

Camels On Cable BeachBut the fact is, we aren't! Known amongst locals, but lesser known to tourists than Cable Beach, Gantheaume Point Beach is the perfect spot for a picnic with friends or family. Don't stress if you're worried about missing the white sands of Cable Beach, Gantheaume have them too in addition to a red rock cliff face. Note: lifeguards don't patrol the beach here so be careful and always go with a mate. Bonus: your four-legged friends are welcome on this beach! Do check the tide before you go – the Kimberley tides are renowned for being able to cover the whole beach at high tide – that might not be ideal for your picnic, but it is certainly a natural wonder worth checking out!

Get in touch with your inner self…

By visiting this superb garden with the spiritual touch. The Buddha Sanctuary at the back of the Cable Beach Club Resort is loved by tourists and locals alike for its peaceful ambiance and tranquillity that promotes reflection and meditation – and it's free and you don't have to be guest of the resort to visit it!

The centrepiece of the garden is the 3.5 metre high crystal Buddha statue that weighs an impressive seven tonnes. Handcrafted by five sculptors from materials sourced from the Philippines, this statue promotes spiritual wellbeing and health. Fun fact you can share back home – it is the largest carved crystal Buddha statue in the world! If you are staying at the resort, you may also like to indulge in the sunrise or sunset yoga held in the garden for that extra touch of being one with your body, mind and spirit.

You couldn't leave this seaside hotel just yet…

Outback BeachEspecially given how much you saved on it! This just proved your belief that Broome was a perfect oasis and paradise in the middle of the harsh, Western Australian desert. But then the locals whispered about another place: Derby. Naturally you had to check it out so you hit the road to see the town for yourself. If you're not in town for the famous Derby Boab Festival (though you should definitely try and time your trip for it during the month of July), there's still plenty of natural wonders to feast your eyes upon.

The unique highlight has to be the Horizontal Waterfalls. What's that you say? Waterfalls don't fall horizontally! Well here in Derby, immense tidal movements through two gaps in the McLarty Ranges create an appearance of a waterfall. Since you saved so much on your accommodation, it's perfectly reasonable for you to splurge on a scenic helicopter flight to get the best possible view of this awesome phenomenon that iconic naturalist David Attenborough described as, 'one of the greatest natural wonders of the world'. That adventure will take you all day so be sure to stay a few nights to check out what more Derby has to offer!

Spend Less, Do More

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