Cradle Mountain, Australia

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Cradle Mountain Guide: Spend Less, Do More

Welcome to Cradle Mountain

Cradle MountainNowhere is Australia’s wilderness has as much on display as in beautiful and scenic Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. See and experience the great outdoors from the mountain itself, overlooking Dove Lake.

Top sights

Cradle Mountain is a World Heritage-listed destination. It is part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area and contains the area’s highest mountain, Mount Ossa.

Cradle Mountain National Park BroardwalkThe park has many trails, including a famous six-day overland trek. Along the trail, see the distinctive flora of the area, including pandani and fagus.

The area also has history, inspiring Austrian-born Gustav Weindorrfer, who built a chalet of King Billy pine in Cradle Mountain.

Outdoor adventures

The hallmark of Cradle Mountain is the great outdoors. The wilderness in the region is untamed. Go kilometres from the hustle and bustle to see the mountain and nearby Dove Lake. The area is listed as a World Heritage site. It was formed by glacial forces during the last Ice Age and has natural formations unlike anywhere else in the world. Walk the park’s many trails, from simple strolls to taxing but rewarding six-day treks. .


Cradle Mountain Dove LakeThe area has had World Heritage status since 1982, but its history runs far deeper than that. Austrian Gustav Weindorfer started the campaign to make Cradle Mountain a national park back in 1912. Guests can follow in his footsteps, and see what inspired him to try to preserve the park by walking the trails in the area. The wilderness itself is also a piece of history; the nature found in Cradle Mountain is primeval.

Cradle Mountain Hotels and Accommodation

Cradle Mountain accommodation conforms to the area, including lodges and villages. Cheap hotels in Cradle Mountain include lodges nestled right in the wilderness that let travellers experience the great outdoors even while they are kicking back and taking a break. There are also luxury lodges for those who want a break from roughing it. The chateaus and villages are clusters of comfortable accommodation that capture the spirit and aesthetic of the beautiful Cradle Mountain area.

Getting around by car

Hobart to Cradle Mountain: 2 h 24 min (174 km) via Lyell Hwy/A10

Launceston to Cradle Mountain: 1 h 57 min (143 km) via National Highway 1

Devonport to Cradle Mountain: 1 h 19 min (80 km) via C132

Accommodation, driving and car rental

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