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Chapel Street Guide – Spend Less, Do More

We all know Melbourne has a reputation for being 'Hipster Central' and, with stories like Bon Iver listening parties and a café serving lattes out of an avocado shell (was it a joke or not?), it's not entirely unwarranted. So why not give into the hipster culture and revel in the city that does it best – you might just find you enjoy it enough to move there…or at least to Portland.

And nowhere does it better than Chapel Street, a hipster's paradise of shopping, drinking and dining. A short drive from St Kilda Beach; but truly a whole world away, let's take a look at the Chapel Street Precinct.

If you going to waltz down Chapel Street, you're going to need an appropriate outfit

Lucky for you, Chapel Street is renowned for its trendy boutiques and retailers. Chapel St Bazaar is your first port of call if you're a yuppie-type of hipster. Think vintage clothing, antique furniture, vinyl record players and an eclectic range of jewellery – the Bazaar has it all. Divided into separate stalls, it isn't challenging to spend hours wandering the aisles, trying to snap up that one in a million, bargain treasure trove. You won't look out of place with an artistic outfit from here, we guarantee it!

Of course, there is nothing that screams Melbournian fashion more than Plane Clothes. On the slightly expensive side of things, Plane Clothes specializes in understated clothing. After all, nothing says trendy like handing over your pay check for a plain white shirt. We kid but seriously, this place is perfect for your wealthy friend who spouts the values of minimalism. And if they can get you a few pieces on the side, we're all for it!

No people ponder the existential meaning behind artworks quite like Melbournians

But this isn't the type of art appreciation that goes on amongst high society cliques with bottomless wine glasses in modernist galleries. The real artistic side of Chapel Street with its street art. No longer a taboo and illegal form of artistic expression (well, mostly legal), street artists have decked the walls with commissioned murals that lend to the vibrant atmosphere of the region.

Here are a couple of our favorites. American artist, ARCY, known for being a globetrotter, splashes his unique palette onto the wall behind St Matthew's Church on High Street. Featuring an impressively-sized parrot, the wall is tricky to find in classic hipster fashion – hidden down an alleyway. But don't worry, it will be worth it just for your social media feed (or your burgeoning career as a freelance photographer).

Our other favorite is an ode to another form of creative expression – music! The corner of Greville Street and Chapel Street is home to a wonderful mural that pays homage to Jazz and the live music scene in general that is a cultural cornerstone of the region. Easier to find and definitely one you won't want to miss!

You saved a small fortune on your Melbournian apartment

Which is no mean feat, so congrats to you! But now you can afford to treat yourself a little in the only way a true hipster knows how…alternative drinks! What do we mean by that? Well it's like regular alcoholic beverages, except with a twist…they're made with tea! Affectionately known as cock-teas, this infused beverage is available at Zhou Zhou. Our personal favorite is the Mekong Hijinks, combining lychee, lemongrass, hibiscus tea and gin. If you prefer your standard schooner, then Zhou Zhou still has you covered with the largest collection of Japanese craft beers to be found in Australia. If you get a little peckish, don't worry – Zhou Zhou keeps to theme with an assortment of dumplings, wontons and satay skewers to satisfy all cravings.

Spend Less, Do More

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