St. Kilda Beach, South Melbourne, Australia

St Kilda Guide – Spend Less, Do More

Welcome to St Kilda

St Kilda – home to the mighty St Kilda Saints AFL team. Naturally, the first thing you did was go see a game of Aussie Rules that the Victorians go crazy for. You thought you'd lost your voice after yelling yourself hoarse.

You had just popped the throat lozenge into your mouth when a mate suggests going to Luna Park. Time for round two of screaming and yelling! After that, it was time for some peace and quiet – luckily the Jewish Museum of Australia was just the ticket. But little did you know that Melbourne's seaside suburb had some absolute gems hidden up its sleeve.

Shopping may cost you an arm and a leg

But it doesn't cost anything to window shop! And as far as shopping precincts go, it doesn't come better than Acland Street. Awash with independent clothing boutiques and vintage music and book stores, this is the place to go to get unique souvenirs for your loved ones back home.

Feeling peckish! Well don't let your stomach grumble and growl any longer. Vietnamese, Indian, Italian and Malaysian restaurants are just a few of the many culinary delights that await you on Acland St. But let's be honest, we all know what you're going to choose. Yes, that's right – a sugary treat from one of St Kilda's world-famous patisseries. You spoilt for choice amongst the vast array of croissants, Danish pastries, macarons, crumbles, tarts and chocolates – mmm, just reading the words makes you start to salivate!

Who even goes to the beach in Victoria

St Kilda locals, that's who! No matter what the time of year is, locals pack the St Kilda Beach and its adjacent promenade to take advantage of 'Melbourne's best playground by the sea'. Take your dog for a walk, ride along the foreshore cycle paths or even just find a place to sit and watch the world go by. Make sure you inspect the strange looking building in the middle of St Kilda Pier. That's St Kilda Pavilion a quirky building that is an ode to the traditional English pier pavilions.

By this time, you've been having so much fun you didn't realise that your holiday is almost up. Oh no, you thought – you forgot to get souvenirs. You can't go back home empty-handed. Lucky for you, St Kilda Esplanade Arts and Crafts Market has got you covered.

Popular amongst tourists and Melbournians alike, this beachfront market includes handmade artwork, wood carvings and locally designed jewelry that will made the perfect gift for anyone you may have forgotten to buy a souvenir for up until now! Don't forget to stop by the mouth-watering 'Foodie Zone'. With markets like these, it's easy to see why some call St Kilda the 'creative soul of Melbourne'.

You've saved big time on your beachfront accommodation…

And who'd have thought you could get beachfront accommodation in Victoria of all places? It was certainly a pleasant surprise to you. And now it's time to treat yourself with some of those big savings. In St Kilda, there's only one thing to splash out on – and no it doesn't involve the beach. Live music! And what better place to head to than the longest continuously running venue in Australia for live music – the Esplanade Hotel.

But don't call it that when you're asking for directions – the locals know it affectionately as 'the Espy'. This unique venue was built in 1878 so make sure you take the time to appreciate the 19th Century architecture before charging in to get up close to your favourite music acts. As you dance, cheer or sway to the music long into the night, you'll know that your decision to stay in St Kilda for this Australian holiday extravaganza was the most inspired one yet!

Spend Less, Do More

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