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Sydney CBD Guide – Spend Less, Do More

City-Harbour-viewYou've gotten into the heart of the Harbour City. So, naturally, the first thing you want to do is see that famous harbour. You decided the best vantage point would be the Sydney Harbour Bridge –that one looks like a coat hanger – so you climbed it.

You weren't done climbing things for views of the harbour, so you visited Sydney Tower next! You felt a little dizzy after those heights, so it was time to be a bit more grounded and take a stroll around the Royal Botanic Gardens. But little did you know, the Sydney CBD is full of surprises that you could never have dreamt of!

Sydney might be one of the most expensive cities in the world…

But that doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune on activities. In fact, some of the best things to do that the locals love are 100 per cent free! Chippendale's burgeoning art precinct is a fantastic place to start, right in the heart of the city near Central train station. The White Rabbit Collection is one of the highlights of the CBD – an art gallery exclusively dedicated to Chinese contemporary art. Owner Judith Neilson regularly travels to China and Taiwan to add to the collection which consists of 1400 artworks from 500 artists at the beginning of 2015. The art gallery is free to visit from Wednesday to Sunday. There's even a tea room downstairs if you get a bit peckish!

For just the price of a beer

Why not get…a beer! Or a cocktail! Sydney's CBD has some of the best small bars to suit any taste and budget. From the swanky Opera Bar looking out over Sydney Harbour to the hipster, bearded bartenders at The Baxter Inn (known as Baxter's to the locals), you're sure to find something that tickles your fancy.

One of the lesser known but great quality options is Grasshopper. Hidden up a seemingly dodgy alleyway near the Apple Store, any Sydneysider that knows of it will tell you this small bar is an absolute hidden gem. The cocktails served here taste great but that's not why you come here – you come for the unique containers the bartenders serve your cocktails in including beakers, tea cups and even a teddy bear jar! If you're getting a little fidgety, you could always occupy yourself with one of the board games on hand! Jenga after a few drinks is particularly entertaining!

Let's get physical!

And in the vein of the Olivia Newton-John smash 80s hit why not book a Retrosweat class. I mean come on – you loved the 80s reference of the heading so you must be ready to book a 1980s-inspired aerobics class! Burn calories and get your body in peak physical condition accompanied by a classic soundtrack with all your favourite 80s popstars including MJ, Prince and the Police.

You're also strongly encouraged to dress to theme – think multi-coloured eye shadow, spandex, lycra, leg warmers, sweat bands and crop tops. Visit the website for locations, workout times and bookings because space is limited!

You saved so much on your Sydney apartment…

And it even had the best view of the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour. But now after exploring so much of the CBD, you're dead on your feet. You don't think you could move another inch…until your travelling companion suggests a Sydney Harbour Cruise. Well…you think you could muster up the energy for that and why not splash out. I mean how many cities in the world have a harbour as picturesque as this - it'd be a shame to waste it!

Soon enough, you're relaxing on a replica timber tall ship with a glass of champs (i.e. champagne) and enjoying succulent oysters and barbequed prawns (Americans might know this from the Paul Hogan advertisement as, 'throwing another shrimp on the barbie'). It doesn't get much more perfect than this!

Spend Less, Do More

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