Bordeaux, France

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Bordeaux Guide: Spend Less, Do More

Welcome to Bordeaux

Boreaux-Evening-City-SkylineBuilt on the banks of the Garonne River, Bordeaux was ruled by the English for a very long time and is often said to still have an English flair. Bordeaux is capital of the Gironde and the second largest wine making area in the world, producing some of the best and most expensive to be found anywhere.

Bordeaux hotels promise a good standard of rooms and hospitality in this vibrant, sunny Atlantic coast trading city. There are some high-end establishments, but many reasonably priced hotels of all styles and prices are present in this elegant food and wine town for the economy minded traveller.

Top Things about Bordeaux

Bordeaux-Saint-Andre-CathedralWith over 350 historic monuments and 3 churches, Bordeaux was officially declared a World Heritage city in 2007, a distinction that recognizes the beauty and unity of style of Bordeaux's architectural heritage. Graceful, vibrant, tolerant, and recently restored Bordeaux is home to a lively university community in the historic district of La Victoire, and has so much more to offer than wine.

The Pedestrian Centre is the setting of a vivacious cultural, artistic and music scene and is the place to be if you plan on shopping or cultural activities. If you are looking for luxury items, head to Gambetta square. Les Quais district offers beautiful walks along the river and ferry rides in this stunning landscape, defined by Bordeaux's famous bridges.

A walk through the city will draw your attention to splendid Gothic cathedrals, 18th century mansions and the 'Quartier Saint-Eloi, one of the most picturesque neighbourhoods in Bordeaux, where you can see the former Town Hall's Great Bell, which is still one of the symbols of Bordeaux. Gastronomy is important in the city, which is full of eateries and restaurants. French cuisine from all parts of the country is served with a matching wine.

Stay in a Château and book a night time tour to discover the city's most beautiful monuments under floodlights!

An old city, Bordeaux does not encourage using the car to get around its centre, where most of the museums, shopping and gourmet restaurants are gathered. However, the public transport system is modern and efficient, making travel around the city and out to the airport very easy. The city is unusual in having no high-rise buildings due to its geology. It sprawls along the river Gironde just a few kilometres before it joins the Dordogne to form the Gironde Estuary. Upstream lies the wine making region, with Chateau names like Petrus, Margaux and Mouton Rothschild creating wines of world-wide fame, setting the standards by which all others are measured.

Bordeaux Hotels

Most hotels in Bordeaux are spread around the centre, in among the cultural and historic sites. Although, as it is France's second city, there are five-star establishments and modern business hotels, cheap hotels in Bordeaux abound, mostly near the railway station. These inexpensive but good value hotels are still handily placed for nightlife and good restaurants. Bordeaux accommodation is well up to the standard expected in such an important city.

Getting around by car

Bordeaux Airport to Bordeaux: 25 min (10 km) via D106

Toulouse Airport to Bordeaux: 2 h 27 min (245 km) via A62

Biarritz Airport to Bordeaux: 2 h 3 min (197.2 km) via A63

Accommodation, driving and car rental

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