Grenoble, France

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Grenoble Guide: Spend Less, Do More

Welcome to Grenoble

GrenobleI-Sere-River-With-Alps-In-BackgroundGrenoble is a city in southern France, sometimes known as the Capital of the Alps due to the nearby mountains, famous for cutting-edge industry, and innovative university and research facilities.

Accommodation in Grenoble is representative of the standards of hoteliers in France, with good food and wine at the heart of those hotels in Grenoble with restaurants. This is a busy, commercial, and science-leaning city, but the many students and winter sports enthusiasts do moderate the atmosphere.

Top Things about Grenoble

Grenoble-Cable-Car-up-mountainsThe Bastilles is a system of ancient fortifications overlooking the city from its mountainside location and reached by cable car known as "Les Bulles" after the egg-shaped carriages.

Parc Naturel Regional du Vercors, about 50 miles by road but 29 miles on foot, includes caves used by the Resistance, is a pot-holer's Mecca.

Grenoble enjoys an Appellation Controlee to protect the famous walnut crop.

The Great Outdoors

The proximity of the mountains surrounding Grenoble is the main reason tourists come to the city. The Winter Olympics of 1968 drove development of some twenty skiing and winter sports facilities within easy striking distance of the city, including Le Sappey-en-Chartreuse, which is only 15 minutes drive away. During the rest of the year, these same mountains provide the terrain for hiking, cycling, and other off-road pursuits. Road cycling is also reinvigorated by regular visits of the Tour de France.

Grenoble Hotels

Cheap hotels in Grenoble, for the tourist with a family, are found around the city, although there is something of a concentration nearby the railway station, liberally sprinkled among the more expensive and business orientated establishments of all shapes and sizes. The usual chains are represented, providing accommodation at reasonable rates, as well as family run Grenoble hotels with a distinctly French personal touch.

Getting around by car

Grenoble-Isere Airport to Grenoble: 33 min (44 km) via A48

Geneva Airport to Grenoble: 1 h 37 min (145 km) via A41

Paris to Grenoble: 5 h 33 min (575 km) via A6

Lyon to Grenoble : 1 h 16 min (111 km) via A43 and A48

Accommodation, driving and car rental

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