Lyon, France

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Lyon Guide: Spend Less, Do More

Welcome to Lyon

Lyon-At-Sunset-Viewed-From-Rhone-RiverLocated in east-central France, Lyon is one of the country's biggest and oldest cities and a major cultural influence for the entire world. Having been the hub and capital of Roman Gaul, now this UNESCO World Heritage Site is the centre of French gastronomy and enjoys a thriving economy. It's also home to some of France's best wine regions - which is a major accomplishment in and of itself!

Lyon, with its history, food and business sense, provides accommodation for every kind of visitor. Hotels come in many styles and standards, modern as well as traditional, to suit the budget tourist, the international business traveller and gourmets looking to sample the city's unrivalled gastronomic dishes.

Historical Lyon

Lyon-Town-SquareLyon is chock full of history, and nowhere is that sense of history more prevalent than in Old Lyon. Much of the area where Lyon first developed back in the Middle Ages is still standing today. Take a stroll down the streets and relax at one of the cafes, and take in the wonder of what it must have been like to live in Lyon back then.

Another of Lyon's fantastic historic spots is the Theatres Romains de Fourviere - two amphitheatres that are more than 2,000 years old. In fact, they once belonged to the Ancient Roman Empire! The amphitheatres sit on top of a large hill. Once you get up there, you can tour them and overlook all of downtown Lyon.

You can even inject some history into your accommodations. There are several historic hotels in Lyon that will make you feel like you have stepped back in time!

Lyon's outlying suburbs also offer a historic feel. In Croix Rousse - otherwise known as the "Working Hill" - you can check out the steep slopes that led to uniquely-designed streets and buildings. Croix Rousse was developed back in the 19th century as a religious community; today it is home to more modern amenities, like cafes and shops.

For something totally modern, head to Villeurbanne. Located just across the Rhone River from Lyon, Villeurbanne is home to virtually all of France's Art Deco architecture. Along Avenue Henri Barbusse, you can see all sorts of Art Deco buildings.

Top Things about Lyon

Auguste and Louis Lumière invented the cinematograph in Lyon and the city is a software and new technology centre today.

Great chefs, such as Paul Bocuse, are at the centre of some of the greatest cooking in the world, using the charcuterie and produce of a great agricultural region.

Lyon stands between the renowned wine making regions of Cotes du Rhone to the south and Beaujolais to the north.

Eating out in Lyon can be, as long as tables are booked in advance, an astonishing experience. Renowned sausages, cheeses and meats are cooked by some of the greatest living chefs; all washed down with wonderful wines from the two famous regions nearby. But Lyon is not just about food, it is also ancient and at the heart of Western European trade and finance, the nineteenth century silk trade, French transport via the rivers Saone and Rhone and the TGV railway from Paris to Marseilles.

Lyon Hotels

Reasonably priced and cheap hotels in Lyon are spread across the city, often handily placed for the nightlife and restaurants, as well as transport links. Look for addresses followed by “2e" or “3e", the Second and Third Arrondissement, the central sections of the city. There is also Vieux Lyon, just over the Saone, where Lyon accommodation can be found to suit a budget, while still achieving a decent level of comfort and style.

Getting around by car

Lyon Saint Exupery Airport to Lyon: 30 min (30 km) via N346

Paris to Lyon: 4 h 33 min (465 km) via A6

Nice to Lyon: 4 h 25 min (470 km) via A8 and A7

Geneva to Lyon: 1 h 42 min (149 km) via A40 and A42

Accommodation, driving and car rental

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