Lembongan, Indonesia

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Lembongan Guide – Spend Less, Do More

Nusa Lembongan SunsetYou weren't quite expecting the noise, congestion and the sheer volume of people when you first arrived in Indonesia. The shopping was hectic but fun as you scurried around the markets picking up the best deals. But then it was time for a return to nature so you did some research on where to go. No, not Bali – too many tourists and party animals there. You wouldn't get any shuteye if you stayed there. You needed a place of absolutely peace and serenity. And then you spotted it, Lembongan.

Mangrove forests, sun-kissed beaches and instagram-worthy sunsets (a must for any tropical destination) - it's a wonder more people don't know about this place. But you were relieved they didn't, smiling to yourself as you knew you had found the perfect tropical oasis.

There's nothing in life that costs less than lying on a beach

So naturally you set out to find the best beach you could for just that activity. Although there aren't many people on this secluded island, it seems they all congregate at Mushroom Bay. But a local whispered to you about two lesser known beaches – Dream Beach and Sandy Bay – so you set off on your journey to discover these hidden gems.

In addition to the crystal clear waters and golden sand that accompany many a tropical beach, these two beaches feature limestone cliffs and some of the most incredible cave formations you will ever see. In between the two beaches, you spotted a final natural wonder that you just had to check out - Devil's tear outcrop. A favourite of stock photo websites and Pinterest-lovers alike, you will have to get a photo of the spectacular display of waves and water plumes crashing against the rocky outcrop. Just keep snapping that picture – one of them has got to turn out well!

No one can come to Lembongan without exploring the mangroves

On the north side of Lembongan, you can explore one of the most beautiful mangrove forests in the world. Be prepared to be stunned by the silence, peace and calm as you paddle your way through the mangroves on a fiber boat. Take it at your own pace to discover the true meaning of serenity with only the sounds of nature to accompany you on your journey. Be wary to not get lost in the labyrinth of canals that weave through the mangroves – but then again, it's all part of the fun!

You can't lie – you saved a fortune on your beachside villa

Nusa LembonganAnd naturally Lembongan is the perfect place to splash out (literally!) on a little diving. Head to Blue Corner or Lembongan Point but be warned – the currents are a bit strong – so the dive sites are more suited to intermediate to advanced divers. If in doubt, find a PADI-qualified instructor and ask them for advice on the most suitable dive sites for your level of experience.

The sun was setting on your time in Lembongan. You could not believe this holiday was almost over; you refused to say it to yourself. You decided to make one last day trip to Nusa Penida…until you realised it was way bigger than Lembongan. Well that was that, the holiday must go ahead, after all you couldn't leave without exploring the whole of this island now could you!

You decide to stay a while and enjoy some time on a new set of isolated, white sand beaches. If that wasn't perfect enough, you were able to catch a glimpse of some rare birds such as the critically endangered Bali White Starling. You could barely contain your excitement from that sighting that you almost missed seeing the Java Sparrow, Mitchell's Lorikeet and the Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo. Who knew the entire island Nusa Penida was essentially one massive bird sanctuary.

Spend Less, Do More

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