Nusa Dua, Indonesia

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Nusa Dua Guide – Spend Less, Do More

Nusa-Dua-Beach-SettingAn endless stretch of sandy beaches and crystal clear tropical waters as far as the eye can see – boring! I mean, it's paradise but you've been in Bali for weeks now and are itching for a shake-up of your routine. You can only go swimming with the unique sea life so much! Lucky for you Nusa Dua is full of surprises that will be unexpectedly entertaining for the whole family.

Nusa-Dua-Private-BeachDon't settle for the umpteenth chicken schnitty like you did in Kuta, when you can have a foodie's delight at Soleil's Sunday brunch including oysters, sashimi, tartar, salads, meat and fish grill. Still not sated? How about a delicious high tea at St Regis with fresh scones, macaroons, chocolate fondants and, of course, tea! After all that food you might be itching for a massage to help you digest. But you know what they say – give a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime. So why not take on board that advice and learn the techniques of a traditional Balinese massage at Jari Menari's one day class – if that wasn't enough you also receive a massage yourself, a yoga class and a healthy lunch.

Why not steer clear of the resorts and venture out for a more authentic local experience?  

Here are some of our favorites: 




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