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Samoa Guide: Spend Less, Do More

Welcome to Samoa 

Samoa-Samoan-Beach-Sunrise-through-the-Palm-treesTravellers who have been looking for an idyllic tropical getaway that offers stunning natural beauty, friendly locals, and modern convenience without the typical tourist destination hassles need look no further than Samoa.  

The treasured islands of Samoa in the South Pacific are situated between Hawaii and New Zealand and until today remain unspoiled by mass tourism.  Made up of nine islands, five of which are inhabited, Samoa is waiting for you to explore one of the most vibrant traditional Polynesian cultures in awe-inspiring natural surroundings.  You will be impressed by the Samoan’s warm-heartedness, their generous spirit and the way they live in close harmony with nature.

Top Things about Samoa

Samoa-Tropical-Beach-in-Western-SamoaSurfing, kayaking, fishing, climbing the summits of mountain ranges, diving along the coasts of Upolu and Savaii or just relaxing in a luxurious Samoan spa are all delightful ways to spend your time here.

For a unique family attraction, head to the wetlands sanctuary at Savaii's Satoalepai village and take the plunge with half a dozen or more green turtles.  And while you're at it, take some time to explore the waterways by canoe, and enjoy stunning views of the mountains.

If you'd rather swim with green turtles in their natural habitat, the ideal place to do just that is in the ocean around Namua Island, just off the southeastern coast of Upolu. 

Other highlights are the tomb of Robert Louis Stevenson on Mount Vaea, the Piula Cave Pool and the waterfall and pyramid at Savaii's Letolo Plantation with the nearby Taga blowholes. Make sure you take the time to visit O Le Pupu-Pue National Park south of Upolu.

Samoa-Thin-waterfall-In-the-dence-Samoan-ForestGood food is a way of life in Samoa, and most Samoan restaurants are casual and reasonably priced.  Upolu, Savaii, and Apia offer a good mix of eateries serving western-style food.  For authentic Samoan delicacies and fresh local produce, head to the market in Apia.

The annual Teuila Festival is not to be missed.  This week-long celebration is held in late August or early September and features cultural activities, competitions, live entertainment, and incredible traditional exhibitions of everything from fire knife dancing and long boat racing to wood carving and old-fashioned tribal tattooing.  Most of the action happens in Apia, the capital city, but many of the island’s smaller towns and villages also host various activities associated with the nation-wide festival.

Best places to visit

Upolu is Samoa’s most populated island, but it is the natural beauty that is sure to leave an impression on you.  From pristine beaches and intricate offshore coral reefs to lush plantations and dense rainforest, there is much to discover here.  Be sure to stop in and visit the friendly locals at one of the many small villages along the coast.

In the capital city of Apia, you can still see some historic wooden dwellings dating back to the island’s colonial period.  Robert Louis Stevenson is buried on Mt. Vaea, which overlooks the city.  His former residence, Vailima, is also nearby.

Samoa hotels and accommodation

From volcanic peaks covered with lush rainforests and splendid waterfalls to remote coastal trails and heavenly beaches, Samoa is one of the world's top travel destinations and an essential stop on any South Pacific trip.

The capital city of Apia provides the most variety with regards to holiday accommodation.  Here you will find a wide range of hotels, long-term holiday apartments, cosy bed and breakfasts, and guesthouses.  There are also several hostels and backpacker motels, perfect if you are on a budget or are just passing through.

Accommodation, driving and car rental

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