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Beverly Hills Guide - Spend Less, Do More

Welcome to Beverly Hills

Beverly-Hills-Rodeo-Dr-Street-SignYou've stood in front of the Beverly Hills sign at Beverly Gardens Park in your cute little handbag and designer sunglasses. Feel like an episode of 90210 yet? You've thoroughly window-shopped Melrose Ave and neighboring Robertson Boulevard and Rodeo Drive (well, as thoroughly as one can window shop).

And of course, you took one of those Star Lines tours that drive around the hills on a tour of the homes of the stars - this seems to be the only place in the world where deliberately driving past and stopping outside peoples' houses with a camera is acceptable behavior. Only in LA right? But instead of sticking to the stereotypical tourist attractions, why not try some of these less known options.

Instead of just driving around the outside of the estates…

Beverly-Hills-Skyline-sunsetWhy not head on over to the Stahl House where, if arranged prior, you can take a tour of the Hollywood Hills dream house. With its dazzling modern architecture (think ceiling to floor glass) and panoramic views over Los Angeles, prepare to be blown away as you look over the entire city below you from the pool deck. Makes you want to start saving for a deposit, that's for sure!

If your idea of a dream Beverly Hills home is more of a historical manor, then check out the Greystone Mansion and Park for sprawling gardens, a majestic fountain and grand wooden arches towering over marble floors. The gardens, poor area and inner courtyard are open to the public daily with a few exceptions. If you want to get inside the manor, that privilege can be unlocked by attending one of the special events such as concerts which the mansion hosts throughout the year.

For the gourmands…

Definitely take a self-guided foodie tour through the gourmet food shops, especially if you have a sweet tooth. In the mood for cupcakes? Look no further than Sprinkles Cupcakes. More of a macaron type of gal? We've got you covered with Lette Macarons. And if you would prefer something savory, never fear, because you'll love the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills. Cheese aficionados can sample an extensive collection of cheese, paired with wine and other fine foods from truffles to caviar to charcuterie. Not too shabby.

You've saved on accommodation…

So why not treat yourself with dinner at Bouchon in Beverly Hills - lap up the European vibes as you indulge in some of the best French food that Los Angeles has to offer. Or alternatively, if you're hoping for a celebrity sighting or two sit out front of The Ivy on Robertson, amongst the rainbow fairy lights and fresh flowers. Be prepared for the paparazzi to be hanging around here too as it is definitely a trendy spot that stars tend to frequent.

Tired from your day out? We're not surprised; you've seen and done so much (and that LA heat can be a killer)! Finish off your day with a spa treatment at the Tomoko Japanese Spa, one of the best day spas in the Beverly Hills. Let the trained massage therapists take care of you in world class facilities - all tailored to the philosophy of the healing powers of Chi (which means blood) and Qi (meaning energy). From the signature Tomoko massage to the Iro Iro massage, they will cater to your individual needs - one thing that's for sure, is that you will feel reinvigorated and rebalanced at the end of your visit there! Truly you'll feel like you're living the lifestyle of the rich and the famous.

Spend Less, Do More

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