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Downtown Los Angeles Guide – Spend Less, Do More

You trip to New York had been fantastic – but you couldn't shake the feeling that it was a little subdued. As you boarded your flight from New York to Los Angeles, you thought where were all the famous locations from your favourite films? They looked like New York in the film. As you arrived in Downtown Los Angeles it hit you – of course, the magic of movies made Downtown LA look like New York! So naturally the first thing you did was book a guided walking tour of the film locations, complete with screenings of the scenes shot there, from famous blockbusters including Transformers, Inception, Independence Day, Gone Girl, Blade Runner and many more! You might have just even stumbled across the latest blockbuster filming. Who knew that so many the New York skyscraper backdrops in film and TV were actually in LA!

Your creative senses were really buzzing now – so you booked a performance of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. The quirky Gehry-designed building's architecture made the admission price worth it before a note was even played! You rounded off the day with a Lakers game at Staples Center – though, if you're being honest, you just did it to catch a glimpse of the many Hollywood A-listers who attend the games. You couldn't wait to see what Downtown Los Angeles would throw your way next!

Still drawn to the silver screen or small screen

And who could blame you – who visits Los Angeles without a love of film and TV – no one, that's who! But don't visit your standard cinema when there's a perfect, free option that will get you involved in the process! Channel 101 hosts free monthly screenings at the Downtown Independent Theater where you, the audience, get to play the role of producer. The brainchild of Rob Schrab (producer of The Sarah Silverman Program) and Dan Harmon (producer of Community), Channel 101 showcases ten short pilots which are then voted on by the live audience to decide which shows get 'picked up' for new episodes next month and which get 'axed'. Check the website for the date of the latest screening.

It might not be Beverly Hills or Santa Monica

But Downtown LA residents are still just as preoccupied with their health and the food they put in their bodies. So get into the Los Angeles' spirit of healthy vibes and head to the vegan restaurant and juice bar, The Springs, situated in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District, only a few streets away from the façade of Paddy's Pub in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (first New York, then Philadelphia – is anything filmed in the location it's meant to be?). Pro tip – allocate more time for this venue than you would normally anticipate for lunch.

This community complex also features a wellness center with acupuncture, massage and sauna treatments all designed to detoxify your system, decrease stress and improve your mental and physical health and wellbeing. If that wasn't enough, the Springs also holds yoga classes! Bit tight for cash but still enticed? The Springs offers free meditation Monday to Friday at 1pm – that ought to make your mind happy, as well as your bank balance!

You've rushed around Los Angeles to see all the film locations you could

But now it's time to take it easy and relax – admittedly with a touch of class. I mean you saved so much on your New York-styled apartment loft that you could afford to spend on the finer things in life. So it's time for a spot of traditional Afternoon Tea at Rendezvous Court in the lavish Millennium Biltmore Hotel. The marble fountain, bronze Baroque stairwell and Moorish carved wood ceilings will leave you aghast – and that's before the delicious selection of tea and in-house scones arrive. With macaroons, caramel tarts and chocolate ganache also on the cards, this is the ultimate afternoon indulgence. So sit back and enjoy the meal along with a nice glass of Sherry - you've earnt it!

Spend Less, Do More

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