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Santa Monica Guide – Spend Less, Do More

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Santa Monica? If you answered the beach, the pier or, even more specifically, the amusement park on top of the pier, you'd be like many of the thousands of tourists that visit Los Angeles's seaside oasis every year. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. A day of fun in the sun is always on the cards at Santa Monica Beach, capped off by a glorious sunset.

The Santa Monica Pier has plenty of attractions to keep you entertained including buskers, food outlets, the aquarium and souvenir shops aplenty. And of course, Pacific Park will help keep the little ones entertained for hours on end. But there's more to Santa Monica than just the waterfront attractions!

You ain't falling for this trap, you've seen too many horror films for that

But unlike a horror film, where all the dolls are creepy, Angels Attic is bound to charm you. This unique museum of dollhouses, toys and miniatures, located in a Victorian era renovated house, will astonish you with its intricate detail and, for less than lunch at your typical burger joint, it's also great value!

Still not satisfied your artsy side yet?

And who could blame you – Santa Monica is often dubbed the creative precinct of Los Angeles. It doesn't come more unique than Bergamot Station. Don't waste your time on the roads driving from museum to gallery to museum – we all know Los Angeles' infamous reputation for nightmarish traffic. Instead, visit this precinct with over 30 galleries and museums at your fingertips.

It's worth it just for the complex's architecture. If you think it's going to be hipster, you're on the right track – literally! Bergamot station used to be a storage facility for the Los Angeles Railroad in 1875. Do you want to know a final secret that will make a trip here worthwhile? It's 100% free!

There's only one thing that gets Santa Monica Locals more excited than the arts

And that's exercise! So throw on your work out gear and head to Santa Monica Stairs. Free to the public, this fitness hotspot might not be the hidden gem it once was, but it certainly is one of the best workouts you'll do! Keep an eye out – you might just spot the odd celebrity or two! Pro tip – be careful when parking your car in the adjacent streets. There are many parking restrictions and Santa Monica parking officers are very vigilant!

You can only walk the Third Street Promenade so many times

And your feet are starting to ache and your stomach is growling. It's time for a bite to eat – and maybe a cheeky cocktail. But don't jump at the nearest Chipotle – although that option is mighty tempting. You saved plenty on your ocean view apartment so you can afford to splurge a little on your meal.

There's no better place for American fare than The Misfit Restaurant + Bar. Think comfort food and handcrafted cocktails with the stereotypical Los Angeles' health-conscious twist. The leather interior with red velvet curtains might make you think you sat down in an old-fashioned library – but trust us, this is the place to be at lunch in Santa Monica. Traditionalists will love the classic Misfit beef burger while hipster contemporaries won't be able to go past the first item on the menu – a shredded kale and quinoa salad!

If you're looking for stereotypical organic food - don't pass over the top of the Misfit menu. Favourites such as the avocado toast and three bean salad have all their ingredients sourced from the iconic Arizona Avenue Farmers Market. Don't forget to stop by the Farmers Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays to pick up fresh produce to make your own organic masterpiece! At the end of the meal – the staff will offer you a free indulgence that literally sweetens the deal - Misfit's famous sea salt chocolate chip cookies!

Spend Less, Do More

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