Triforium, Los Angeles, U.S.A.

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Triforium Guide – Spend Less, Do More

Welcome to the Triforium, Los Angeles

Ah, the infamous polyphonoptic concrete statue with a rainbow swirl, which can be found across from Los Angeles City Hall. The interactive light and sound sculpture has been blessed with numerous nicknames ranging from the Psychedelic Nickelodeon to the Million Dollar Firefly to Three Wishbones in Search of a Turkey, as it never met its full potential. Young, its designer had the vision for the Triforium to be ‘a Rosetta stone of art and technology, a beacon to represent the ‘unfinished kaleidoscopic nature of the city’. The ground-breaking plan was for the statue to track the footsteps and conversations of life around it and transform those into motion patterns of light and sound. While today, the sculpture is a husk of its former glory, there have been efforts to restore it and it is undoubtedly an important part of the history of the Los Angeles Mall Civic Center. If you are in the area, give the Triforium some love!

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