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Venice Guide – Spend Less, Do More

You couldn't wait for your trip to Venice. Your partner had been so thoughtful to plan it all out. The first thing you'd do would be hire a gondola and take a trip down the Grand Canal to see all the beautiful European architecture. You sat back on the flight in eager anticipation…until the plane started to fly over the pacific towards the United States of America…wait, it's not that Venice! You were about to explode at your partner – but it turns out it was part of their cheeky plan all along. "Relax", they chuckled, "Give it chance!"

Luckily, you were easily placated when you arrived – Venice Beach has canals too! So you hired a boat to travel the peaceful canals, just as you had always planned, and witnessed the multi-million dollar waterfront homes – they were truly spectacular! Afterwards a seaside stroll along the famous – or infamous, depending on who you speak to – Venice Boardwalk. You stumbled upon Muscle Beach – the ridiculous and hilarious outdoor gym where body builders display their guns in front of an adoring crowd. You gestured to your partner – maybe this would make them work out more. They shrugged and, as you laughed, you thought that this holiday in Venice Beach wouldn't be so bad after all!

Venice Beach is a walker's paradise, but every exercise buff knows energy is key

And what better place to stock up for your lengthy stroll along the Venice Beach Boardwalk than at the local Italian joint open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, C&O's Trattoria. Their garlic rolls are a perennial favourite that locals just can't get enough of. You could even indulge in one of their famous, authentic pasta dishes. Pro tip – for just a few dollars extra, make your pasta dish Gargantuan size - that'll give you plenty of energy for the day! You could even come here for your evening meal as well! Nightly Italian sing-alongs will fool you into thinking you did go to the European Venice after all!

Venice certainly has its fair share of quirky, creative people

But don't visit your stereotypical art gallery or museum. To get a real taste of Venice's artistic side – and costing no more than your standard museum admission fee – look no further than the Mosaic Tile House. For over 20 years, Venice artists Cheri Pann & Gonzalo Duran have taken a 1940's house and turned it into an incredible piece of artwork by sticking colorful ceramic tiles, glass shards and various found objects on every conceivable surface. This visually stunning masterpiece, with its attention to detail will blow you away, as it is unlike any artwork you've ever seen before. Tours are by appointment only so check out the website today to secure your visit to this rare, imaginative house.

You saved a ton of money on your artist's loft

So now it's time to spend that hard-earned money on an artist's outfit – you know, just so you blend in with the locals. But, even though you're prepared to spend a lot, you'll get heaps of stuff in return – because the only type of clothes shopping that Venice Locals love is thrift shopping! Ever-popular with Venice Beach residents, even before the Macklemore song, thrift shopping is a rite of passage for anyone who wants to live the Venice Beach way of life! Yelp has plenty of suggestions to get you started. Also, be sure to check out the thrift shops located around main street in Venice near Pacific Avenue which are at the forefront of unique designs that can't be found anywhere else in Los Angeles. Of course, the only true way to discover the best places for the latest and quirkiest in thrift shop fashion is to ask one of the locals. They'll have plenty of strong opinions on the subject!

Spend Less, Do More

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