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West Hollywood Guide – Spend Less, Do More

You've driven up and down Sunset Boulevard and shopped (or window-shopped) to your heart's content from Melrose to Rodeo. Sunglasses, chic sundresses, beautiful people – there's a certain Hollywood magic about this place. You've taken a celebrity homes tour, your tour bus holding up the already overflowing traffic of Los Angeles's busy streets as the driver stops in the middle of the intersection. The nearby Beverly Hills are lush and beautiful – the lights from the billboards on the sunset strip winking in the distance. It's absolutely gorgeous, yet there is something missing. Most tourists see a very superficial facade of Hollywood which hardly scratches the surface. There is so much under that! To experience the true life blood of the heart of the world's trillion dollar entertainment industry, you need to experience it like a local.

Enjoy exercising among the fit and beautiful?

Get hot and sweaty at Runyon Canyon! Its prime location makes it a favourite of both locals and visitors alike. Tip: get up early to avoid the crowds, difficult parking (this is a city where deciphering parking signs is on par with figuring out a Sudoku) and blistering midday heat. Furthermore, the hot actor types here like to get out of bed at the crack of dawn to meditate, workout and make green protein smoothies. You might even run into one as you are struggling up the steep incline as he or she breezes past you looking too hot and effortless for somebody who got up at 5am and passed on coffee. Super motivational!

Do as the locals do...

After your run, head over to Nekter Juice Bar, Earthbar or Pressed Juicery – all on Santa Monica Boulevard (are you seeing just how much Angelinos love their cold pressed juice?) for all your juicing needs. If green drinks are not your thing, opt for an acai bowl instead. Why is that one at Nektar juice pink, you wonder to yourself – what do they even put in it? What do people around here even eat other than kale and chia superfood balls? If you're in a daring (or hunger) sort of mood, try a juice cleanse, which is all the rage here amongst not only celebrities but the everyday guy or gal. For your money, you get around 6 bottles of juice which will be your only sustenance for the day. Either sounds perfect, or like your worst nightmare. You be the judge!

Throwback to the 70's...

And go dancing at the Whiskyagogo for live rock bands and other acts. An intimate space, you'll be able to see the bands up close and personal – they range from new kids on the scene to a few big names. A similar alternative, just a stone's throw away, is the Viper Room.

You've saved on your accommodation...

So why not spend big on a nice meal at one of the area's premier restaurants?  Laurel Hardware on a weekday is a popular one for locals to grab dinner or a drink. A converted hardware store, sit outdoors in warmer weather and soak up the ambience of the fairy lights under the moonlight. Sip your cocktail and people watch – this establishment draws a well-dressed and attractive young Hollywood crowd. 

And what about brunch? We have you covered with Eveleigh – green and lush with a rustic feel, you'll love the smoothies and avocado on toast here. Not to mention the shakshuka in a skillet. Not your style? How about pancakes bigger than your head at The Griddle Cafe? Yeah, we thought so. When in America, why not splurge on an oversized portion once or twice.

Spend Less, Do More

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