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Australia Hotels and Accommodation

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Australia Guide

From the tropical colours of the Great Barrier Reef to the red dirt heart of the outback, Australia is a natural wonderland. It is also a large, diverse country, which means that a wide variety of Australia hotels are available to visitors. There are many tastes and price ranges catered to here. Whether it is a trip being taken for the sake of business, or a holiday for the family, the hotels in Australia are able to accommodate the needs of travellers.

Top Things about Australia

Discover the Aboriginal heritage and wildlife-filled forests, savannahs and plateaus of Kakadu National Park or wonder at the changing colours of the sacred monolith Uluru at sunset. Relax on the impossibly white beaches of the Whitsunday Islands or trek in the devastatingly beautiful Katherine Gorge. The other attractive beaches in the country include Bondi Beach in Sydney, and of course the aptly named Surfers Paradise Beach, which is located in Gold Coast, Queensland. Drive along the Great Ocean Road to marvel at the rocky Twelve Apostles rising from the swirling sea or take the three-day desert train from Adelaide to Darwin right through the country's red centre. These landscapes have helped to make the country famous for its beauty.

In terms of other attractions in the country, Sydney Harbour Bridge, the widest long-span bridge in the world, has long been a tourist destination that draws people from all over the world. This attraction is not far from the Sydney Opera House, an UNESCO World Heritage Site, which means that travellers seeking a romantic evening should not have a hard time planning one. Those visitors who are in the market for a more family-oriented day can check out the several theme parks located in Gold Coast. These theme parks include Dreamworld, Movieworld and Whitewater World. The fact that so many theme parks are located in such a small amount of space is quite unique and exciting for children. Of course, no matter how old or young the visitor is, they just might get a thrill out of the Sydney Olympic Park, which is located in New South Wales. This facility was created for the summer Olympics of 2000, but it continues to host sporting events.

Best Cities to Visit

The above-mentioned activities are some of the best ways for you to spend a day in Australia. Then come in from the wild to sample the world-class restaurants, cafes, pubs and hotels of Australia's cosmopolitan cities. Gold Coast is probably the most tourist-oriented city in the entire country of Australia, with many activities geared toward families and other types of travellers. The cluster of theme parks previously pointed out certainly helps to make the city a prime spot for a family vacation. Because the area is also known for its conduciveness to surfing, those with an interest in water sports cannot leave without testing out the waves.

Sydney is yet another city that caters quite a bit to tourists. Several of the country’s major tourist attractions are located in this urban centre, which makes sense, since it is the country’s largest. As such, this city is home to a thriving nightlife. There is also more than one UNESCO World Heritage Site in this area of Australia, with many outdoor activities to choose from.

Though not as well known to outsiders as the two cities, Mount Beauty is a place in Australia with a high concentration of hotels, most of which offer quite the scenic view. Notable peaks such as Mount Bogong, the highest mountain in Victoria, can be found here. Yet another place in Australia that caters to the sporting traveller, this location is often used as a starting point for ski vacations taking place at the Falls Creek resort. As such, a bus comes into the town each day to take visitors to the ski hills.


As many people around the world know, there is quite a defined sports culture in this country. For example, rugby is one of Australia’s most popular pastimes, and Australian Rugby League games can be seen throughout the winter in any urban centre. Those interested in a different kind of sport can seek out matches taking place within Cricket Australia. There are men’s teams as well as women’s teams, and each state in the country has a squad.

There are also other events taking place regularly, such as the Big Day Out festival, which is an annual musical event occurring in all of the big cities in the country. Ten Days on the Island is another arts festival that takes place across various locales, including Tasmania.

Local Cuisine and Wine

People the world over drink Australian wine, and as such, there are several vineyards located throughout the country. Wolf Blass has been producing quality wine for over 30 years, and has won numerous awards for their efforts along the way. At the 1992 International Wine and Spirit Competition, they were named the International Winemaker of the Year.

One of the oldest wine producers in the country is Penfolds, with over 160 years under its belt. They are known for using fruit from a variety of sources for its wine, helping to ensure diversity throughout its catalogue. For tours, visitors can look into making arrangements by contacting the winery directly.

The culinary culture in Australia tends to focus on freshness. Located at Sydney Harbour, Pier is a good example of this aesthetic, as seafood goes virtually from the water to the plate. This establishment has previously won the prestigious Three Hats award from the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide.


There are several examples of stunning architecture in Australia. The previously mentioned Sydney Opera House is an UNESCO World Heritage Site, and has one of the most distinct designs of any performing hall in the world. Another UNESCO World Heritage Site is the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne – another great city to visit –, which was completed in 1880. This building is a classic example of 19th century European-style splendour in architecture.

When visiting a new country, it is always fun to immerse oneself in the local culture. This may include embracing the traditional style of dress. In Australia, traditional garb includes the possum skin cloak, which was worn by both men and women. This piece of clothing is often ornately decorated, and there has been a recent resurgence in interest in the history of this garment.

Australia Hotels and Accommodation

Accommodation in Australia is scattered all over the country. Those who are travelling on business can seek out five star luxury stays in the big cities, and families or executives looking for something more affordable and spacious, or a long stay will be able to do so in one of the many  apartments or cheap hotels in Australia. To get a view of the mountains or many beaches, there are many accommodation, resort, motel and hotel options available to cater for all tastes and budgets. It all depends on what type of trip is being taken.

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