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Melbourne CBD Guide – Spend Less, Do More

Melbourne-CBD-aerial-ViewYou've landed at Flinders Street Railway Station, and we don't mean in a game of Australian monopoly, we mean the real thing! On the corner of Flinders and Swanston, the majestic golden building looms high over pedestrian bustling to and from work. Federation Square – you came, you saw, you conquered. Or in other words you shopped, you marvelled, you ate. With over 10 million visitors each year, this is one of Melbourne's most frequented destinations! 

You've stood beneath the spires of St Paul's Cathedral, another of the city's magnificent golden structures, turrets stretching to the sky. A place of music, arts and culture, as well as being foodie central, there is so much more to Melbourne City than what meets the eye. Explore the hidden laneways and dive deep as you explore what else it has to offer! We'll show you the way.

For the best in al fresco dining...

Melbourne is a foodie town, and much of the great food can be found in Melbourne City! Head to Degraves St for great food and an eclectic crowd, the perfect combo for people-watching. There's nothing depraved about sipping your morning coffee, or grabbing a gourmet sandwich open air in an alleyway, under a perfect blue sky. A variety of cafes occupy the laneway, with chairs and tables lining the middle, umbrellas on top in case of a rainy day. 

Degraves Espresso is a classic Melbourne laneways favourite. On a crowded day, the air is thick with laughter and good times – this is a favourite of locals and visitors alike! At the end of Degraves, you'll find another alley off- shooting from the larger Flinders Lane, known as Centre Place where you'll find more food options (think crepes and sushi) and colourful wall stencilling.

This is one for the history buffs!

The Old Melbourne Gaol will give those who so badly want the experience of getting processed and put in a jail cell without actually being arrested and sent to jail. Take fun fake mug shots with mug shot placard templates – you can even take a selfie if you want! The tours are very detailed in the history of the jail and you'll learn plenty about life inside the big house. There are even night tours! Is it haunted? Are you scared of ghosts? Well, suppose you'll find out! Know that you're definitely scared of old buildings in the dark? You prefer something a little more independent, and during the day: just follow the walking arrows and explore the place for yourself!

Nature lovers...

Head to the Flagstaff Gardens, stretch out on the sprawling lawns and stroll amongst the eucalypts and Moreton Bay figs: quintessential Australian trees. Pose for photographs with the statues, and why not make use of the electric barbeques and tennis courts while you're there? Have a barbeque! Then burn it off with tennis! Sounds like the perfect day. 

You've saved on your mid-city accommodation...

So reward yourself with some find dining! For the bold tastemakers, stray away from the typical western fare and head deep into the laneways. Take a culinary journey to the orient, and try some contemporary Indian fusion at Tonka, with its chic elegant ambience. What is so interesting however is that the exterior of this establishment is far from chic and elegant! In fact, the lead up to the entry to this restaurant may be a little deterring to those who don't know what treasures lie at the end of the dimly lit graffiti-covered walkway.  That's part of the fun though, right? Literally, variety is the spice of life!

Spend Less, Do More

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