Customer Service

At Cheaperthanhotels we are passionate about you getting the most out of your stay. We really do want you to have the best experience and get the most for your money. It’s much more than simply being cheaper than hotels. We do all types of accommodation with all types of features to help you get the most out of your stay.

Here's some insight into what we have done, and how we do it.

Everybody behind Cheaperthanhotels has stayed around the World for both leisure and business.

We know what it’s like, just like you and that helps us in what we do.

So we have teamed up with partners and accommodation providers to provide you a seamless, simple to use, online booking experience that you can tap into from anywhere, anytime.

We believe that great deals, best pricing and high standards of service, with one of the widest choices of accommodation to be found anywhere on the planet, to be the minimum. So we have made sure that our accommodation partners could guarantee the lowest rates, provide a self-service management panel, with a multi-national customer service team helping out when and if you need it.

You'll find everything from hotels through to hostels, and resorts through to self-catering villas and apartments with millions of reviews by independent travellers refreshed daily.

Since unforeseen things can happen during your planning phase, we made sure that our accommodation partners covered most bookings with no cancellation fees or deposit requirements. This gives you the optimum flexibility to change when you want to, and then pay when you arrive.

So yes, Cheaperthanhotels will provide you with a technically robust and intuitive solution for accommodation that meet your needs, but even more than this, we aim to infuse the thrill of travel, with the freedom for you to make your choices based on the maximum amount of information and feel an extra level of personal connection.

Simply put, We want you to get the most out of your accommodation, not just with great prices, but the whole range of considerations that go with it to give you an exceptional and memorable experience.

So you might like to know - we are partnered with the biggest, and best, most wonderful accommodation partners in the whole wide World and Universe, allowing us to offer million’s of properties, with free cancellations and a lowest price guarantee together with over 500 million authenticated reviews.

How’s that for a show to put your mind at rest?