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Glebe Guide – Spend Less, Do More

Glebe - affordable yet classy. No wonder it's one of Sydney's most liveable suburbs and the perennial home of hipsters and young professionals. Naturally, your first journey was down to the Glebe Foreshore Walk for a morning run by Rozelle and Blackwattle Bays with your canine friend. The trees, well-paved areas and cool, crisp sea air made for a magical atmosphere that is simply unforgettable.

You wandered the aisles of Gleebooks, Glebe's eternally popular independent bookstore, to find a good read or two (and ended up buying a whole shelf-load of books in the process!). You even took in brunch at Badde Manors (because, contrary to the name, the waiters have exceptionally good manners – and the food is delicious). But that was only the tip of the hip and trendy iceberg – Glebe has far more on offer for hip, cool, young people (and the young at heart!) than meets the eye. Welcome to the Inner West!

The Inner West prides itself on its sense of community spirit…

With the weekend meeting point destined to be local markets. And this Inner West icon is no exception with Glebe Public School hosting Glebe Markets every Saturday. While you peruse the stalls for jewellery and assorted knick-knacks, be sure to check out the free music (usually the latest up and coming indie band) on the lawn from midday to 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Feeling a little peckish? Not to worry, there are plenty of food stalls with delicious munchies…and not all of it costs money. Our fave is the freshly-baked banana bread samples – though we end up being guilted into buying a loaf or two. If you also need some Inner West attire, Glebe Markets has you covered with a wide array of vintage clothing options – after all, when in hipster-central, you have to find a matching scarf and fedora.

When it's time for dessert, Glebe hits the spot with…

Churros! That most delicious of all fried-dough pastries, dipped into molten, oozing chocolate. San Churro Chocolateria has you covered with an assortment of Churros and every type of dipping chocolate imaginable (from white to milk to dark). The relaxed café-vibe is great to get in a study session with friends or a quick Skype to mum (yes, you know you ought to). Or bring a special someone and treat them to churro fondue accompanied with fresh fruit, marshmallows, brownies and our personal favourite – chocolate-covered pretzels!

You saved plenty of your Glebe hipster apartment…

Which was surprisingly big for the Inner West! But now, after that dessert, you felt like you were packing on a few too many kilos. Not that it's a bad thing – after all, who wouldn't have given into that chocolate fondue temptation! But if you need to trim down a bit, the best place to do so is the Peter Forsyth Auditorium. This multi-purpose sports arena features a full-sized basketball court that is repurposed for futsal, volleyball and netball. Pick-up games are always happening or contact the venue for some slightly more serious competition (if you're into that sort of thing). Contact the venue for availability and court-hire fees.

Fancy a slightly more adventurous sport and still within that uni-age group? Then Peter Forsyth is also home to the University of Sydney's Roller Derby Team. What is roller derby you ask? It's sort of like speed-skating in teams but with roller skates rather than ice skates. And it can get a little rough…but it's played by everyone at the same time, regardless of gender. Still don't understand what we are on about? Well your university assignment is to watch Whip It with Ellen Page and you will totally be on the same page as this lovable band of misfits!


Spend Less, Do More

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