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Kings Cross Guide: Spend Less, Do More

Welcome to Kings Cross

Kings Cross is Sydney's wild side. It's where fashion meets flesh and trendy intersects with tramp. And all running at full speed, 24x7. This is where Sydneysiders go to let their hair down, and maybe a bit more.


Kings Cross for many years was the eclectic bohemian centre of Sydney from the early 1900s. But during the 70s, 80s and 90s the seedier elements of 'the Cross' seemed to gain the upper hand. The last decade however has seen a rejuvenation of Kings Cross. The seedier side is still there, but more and more Kings Cross is a place to go for great restaurants, nightclubs and a good night out. People now start their night in Kings Cross, rather than just end it there.

There's great restaurants on Kellett Street like Aperitif and Prague, and Jimmy Liks on Victoria Street. Plus it's worth remembering that nearby Potts Point includes even more of a variety of restaurants.


Despite this, when other areas of Sydney are shutting up shop for the night, Kings Cross keeps going. Revellers citywide know that when they want to keep on playing, the best bet is Kings Cross.

Most head to the bars and nightclubs located down Kings Cross sidestreets like Bayswater Road, Kellett Street or Victoria Street. A few (or maybe a more than a few) are lured into the strip joints and table top dancing establishments that litter Darlinghurst Road. Others just wander the streets staring at the sights and chomping down on pizza by the slice.

Hall of Fame

It's worth a visit to the piccoloba. Stop in for a coffee and get a feel for the old Kings Cross and see why so many Australian celebrities - from Prime Ministers to film stars - have been to the Picollo.

Kings Cross Hotels

Despite it's central location, proximity to the city and incredible nightlife, there are some good value hotel deals to be had in Kings Cross. These hotels are perfect for the value-minded traveller.

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