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Parramatta Guide – Spend Less, Do More

Welcome To Parramatta

It surprised you when you discovered it, but going to the beach, especially in Sydney, everyday can get tiresome. You never thought you'd see the day! You thought to yourself for a moment – what do the local Sydneysiders even do apart from the beach. So you turned your attention inland – and what better place to start than Parramatta.

Known as 'Parra' to the locals (why do Australians have an incessant need to shorten everything!), this bustling Western Sydney area was founded in 1788. But don't worry, there is plenty more to see in this historical gem of a Sydney suburb than the odd sandstone building (though who doesn't love a sandstone building to remind you of Hogwarts)!

Spend nothing and feel as free as a bird…

Or at least, the birds feel free. Parramatta Park, also known as 'Parra's backyard', is a perfect place to channel your inner Aussie and 'cook some snags on the barbie'. Or maybe you just want to bring a ball and bat and have a game of cricket – you'll be surprised how many locals will join you for a game!

This expansive, 85 hectare World Heritage Listed Park has two playgrounds and sealed off-road cycling tracks to keep kids safe as well as a rose garden hidden beside the Macquarie Street entrance. Be sure to also check the events calendar for some of the most popular local festivals including Australian Day celebrations, Sydney Symphony in the Park and the Mother's Day Classic. A visit to Parra Park is no ordinary walk in the park!

You couldn't deprive yourself of a sandstone selfie any longer

And what better place to start than Australia's oldest surviving public building, Old Government House. The oldest parts of the building date back to 1799 in the time of Governor John Hunter but most of the exterior that you see today is a direct result of the 1815 extensions implemented by Governor and Mrs Macquarie.

As you listen to your tour guide talk more about the history of the building – actually you weren't paying that much attention because you were deciding which filter would look better on your Old Government House Instagram post – he mentions Ghost tours. Your ears perk up at that – Ghost Night tours run on the third Friday of every month. That should feed your craving for a paranormal experience!

If the admission price of the Old Government House exhibition swayed you from visiting, why not visit Hambledon Cottage for a fraction of the price. This colonial Georgian cottage was built in 1824 for Australian pioneer, John Macarthur, and now operates as the headquarters for the Parramatta & District Historical Society. The museum provides an interesting insight into life in the early days of the colony complete with period piece lifestyle. Also make sure you check the website for upcoming events such as fairs, Christmas celebrations and afternoon teas.

It was so much cheaper staying outside the Sydney CBD

So it's time to reward yourself with a treat. And in Western Sydney that only means one thing – Football! Not rugby, not AFL – and it's not called soccer - it's the game played with a round ball and the feet. And they absolutely go crazy for it in Parra – especially their beloved Western Sydney Wanderers.

So go on and splash out on some tickets to a Wanderers game. You won't regret it! Don you best red and black outfit and join the main supporter group, known as the RBB or 'Red and Black Bloc'. The atmosphere and passion is second to none and even the most latent football supporter will be swept up and riding the emotion of every pulsating minute. At the end of 90 minutes, you'll want to relive it all over again. A Wanderers game is one experience that will stay with you for a long time to come.

Soccer aside, we suggest you have a look at the following local Places Of Interest. Some of them should keep you entertained if there is no soccer, Rugby or AFL on.

Some Local Attractions and Points of Interest:







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Spend Less, Do More

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