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United States Guide: Spend Less, Do More

Welcome to the United States

USA-Monument-Valley-Sunset-at-the-SistersThe USA is a popular tourist destination with people all over the world. As one of the biggest and most successful countries, it offers a fascinating holiday experience with lots to see and do. From luxury five star and beyond hotels in the United States to cheaper independent hotels, there is something to suit all types of budgets. Shopping, sightseeing, sports and theme parks - America has it all.

Top Things about the United States

With so much to do and see in the United States, you will never get bored. Made up of various different states, each one offers something special. Understanding a country as complex as the United States may not be easy but enjoying the delights and contradictions of its natural landscape and man-made draw cards is.

USA-Anchorage-Alaska-State-ParksA lot of natural beauties can be found in the country, such as the Giant Redwood trees at Muir Woods, the Grand Canyon and Colorado River amongst others. From the giant redwoods of the Northern Californian forests, to the deserts of Arizona and Nevada, from Michigan 's Great Lakes to the prairies of the Great Plains, from the swampy bayou of Louisiana to the Rocky Mountain peaks in Colorado and the mighty, mighty Mississippi River, this is a land of staggering diversity.

Gape in amazement at New York State's roaring Niagara Falls, as its sheer size and velocity will astound anyone, peer in awe at Arizona's yawning Grand Canyon and wander the volcanic wonderland of Yellowstone Park. The Big Island Day Trip is a great one for those who wish to find out more about volcanic structures in this beautiful national park. 

The USA has a wide range of varying landscapes and natural phenomenon to discover, but it also offers inspirational man-made buildings at the same time, which can also be very enjoyable to explore.

Traditional-Hamberger-and-ChipsThe Statue of Liberty in New York City, Madame Tussauds, the Las Vegas strip, Universal Studios, Disneyland, Ground Zero (where the World Trade Centre once stood) and the Empire State Building are all popular with tourists.

The LA sightseeing tour is also well worth considering, as it visits the celebrity footprints, Sunset Strip, Rodeo Drive, Olvera Street, the Farmer’s Market, Chinatown, Hollywood Boulevard and many other famous places. As for other man-made attractions, bask in the beauty of San Francisco on the Golden Gate Bridge and thrive on the buzz of New York City in Times Square. Have a blast losing your shirt in Las Vegas or drop in on Elvis Presley's Graceland in Memphis.

Quietly reflect on the memorials at the National Mall in Washington DC or indulge your inner child at Disneyland in California and Disney World in Florida. And last but not least, relish the down-home hospitality of the United States hotels.

Best Cities to Visit in the United States 

Los Angeles is often thought of as one of the top cities to visit whilst in America, with New York also high in the rankings. The home of Hollywood, LA has an aura of excitement and showbiz glamour to look forward to. From Disneyland and the Universal Studios, to Knott’s Berry Farm and other theme parks, tourists will never be short from an American thrill. Seeing the famous Hollywood sign and the celebrity star footprints are top things to do whilst in the city.

Seattle has a lot to offer with the Space Needle, Bill Gates house, Experience Music Project and even the Original Starbucks all being popular attractions. The Space Needle in particular is truly spectacular, providing a 360 degree vista high p in the sky of the surrounding area.

Being the capital of the USA, Washington DC offers an insight into the culture and historical background of the country. Pay your respects to war heroes at the National World War Two War Memorial or visit the CSI Experience in the National Museum of Crime and Punishment to find out more about law and order.

Hawaii is another popular tourist destination with Maui and Oahu being top areas to visit. The sheer beauty of the islands are like nothing before, with mountainous ranges, top cuisine and stunning beaches, tourists will never be left disappointed. Premier golf courses and the chance to see humpback whales also make Hawaii a worthy option for a holiday. Birmingham, Las Vegas and Yosemite are other top destinations.

More Top Cities

Chicago, Houston, San Diego, Dallas, San Francisco


If you love Hawaiian dance, then try out the annual hula competition in April at the Merrie Monarch Festival. It all kicks off with a music festival and many other activities to enjoy. Washington DC commemorates their war veterans in May at the National Memorial Day Celebration and Parade, the parade includes marching bands paying their respects to these heroes. Capital Pride in June celebrates the gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual communities, while the National Cherry Blossom Festival in March provides a unique experience showing thanks for the 3000 cherry trees, which were a gift in 1912 to the USA from Tokyo. Sunfest takes place on the West Palm Beach in Florida every April/May time and involves the states biggest music, waterfront and art festival, providing something for everyone to enjoy.

Local Cuisine

American cuisine is known for its gigantic portions. The cuisine varies between the different areas that you visit, offering something unique each time. Trademark dishes include potato chips, hamburgers, hotdogs, apple pie, cherry pie and huge chocolate cake puddings. Pastrami is a food famous in New York, while Shoofly Pie is common in Pennsylvania and Smithfield ham is popular in Virginia. The cuisine varies greatly with influences from all over the world and there are many different international food outlets to try out. The hotdogs and hamburgers originated from German cuisine, while friend chicken from African and Scottish cultures. Coca-Cola is of course a trademark drink in America; with various alcoholic drinks including exotic cocktails are all other popular beverages. Barbecue style dishes are very common in the United States, while various Mexican foods also widely influence the cuisine on offer.


Americans are usually very patriotic about their country. Everything is loud and proud as they show off their wealth, independence and personality to the world. From huge cars and plates of food to astoundingly high sky rise towers, it sure has something to shout about. The modern world originates in America, with the latest fashion trends and musical stars often emerging here first.

Citizens often have strong family values and many are encouraged to learn both English and Spanish to give them the best chance at integrating with various different people. A multi-cultural country, it mixes a wide range of traditions, ethnic backgrounds and languages into one, giving them a diverse way of life. Many Americans base their morals on being friendly, confident and polite. Informal greetings are usually all that is needed, so a happy, carefree life is the basis of many. 

United States Hotels and Accommodations

Whether you are after basic comfort or a sense of luxury, accommodations in the United States are able to cater to all. It has some of the finest hotels on the planet, of which are five-star and beyond, complete with world-class spas, Michelin star restaurants, gyms and an extensive range of hotel amenities and complimentary features. Guests can be sure to be treated well during their stay. There is also a range of cheap hotels in the United States to choose from, which offer comfort and simplicity.

Getting around the United States

This vast country of roads and airports means that the two are conveniently inseparable. The chances are that everybody visiting the United States or travelling within it will do so with the assistance of a rental car and a flight at some stage. 

At every airport across the US you will find rental car facilities

Top Scenic Drives across the United States

The choices are enormous, and the distances for accessibility to the great scenic roads of the US are too many to mention here.

On the West Coast you have California and Oregon; to it’s east the famous Rockies dividing the central plains across to the mid west. On the East Coast from the Canadian border all the way down to Miami the scenery changes at regular intervals as does the climate.

Route 66 may stand out as one must do drive, if you’re up for a few weeks of driving at a leisurely pace.  It’s 2,451 mi (3,945 km) long, starts in Santa Monica, California and ends in Chicago.

Accommodations, driving and car rental

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