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Miracle Mile Guide – Spend Less, Do More

So you're in LA. Tinseltown has rolled out its red carpets and offered you the best of its bells and whistles, as expensive cars pass you on Rodeo Drive in quick succession. You've window shopped with the best of them. You've ogled attractive actor wannabes as they go for their morning hikes in their color coordinated active wear.

You've hunted for celebrities as you sip your unsweetened almond milk substituted green tea concoction with less ice (when in Rome, right!), searching for a familiar face through your dark tinted sunglasses so no one can see how creepy you are. But there is more to Los Angeles than the glitz and glam! We've got you covered for some activities to do in Miracle Mile.

Instead of taking the standard photos standing in a grove of lampposts staring into each other's eyes…

Why not actually visit the museum! If you would like to know, the lampposts in front of the LA County of Museum are known as the Urban Light Exhibit, and has already been featured to death in something in the vicinity of twenty million rom-coms i.e. Valentine's Day and No Strings Attached, so you know, you can be more creative. From classics such as Monets, not to mention a ridiculous Picasso collection, to intriguing, often interactive exhibits cycling through, you will always find something worth seeing as part of the carefully created experience that LACMA has to offer. You won't be disappointed!

Archaeology more your thing?

Visit the La Brea tar pits where ancient ice age era creatures found themselves cemented in the sticky tar where they found themselves trapped back in the day. In summer, Pit 91 is the place to go, if you want to see scientists and volunteers unearth fossils in a journey of discovery. All this is open to the public and for no admission charge at all! There are also accompanying exhibits at the Page Museum where you will find more in depth facts about the history of the place and have the opportunity to watch scientists working in what is known as a 'fish bowl' laboratory. History or archaeology nerds will absolutely love this one! Interesting fact: the tar pits are also referenced in an episode of the Flintstones.

Still not tired from all that?

Take yourself shopping at the Grove! With its color changing fountain that spurts water in increasingly complex patterns and its trolley ride, the atmosphere at this open plan shopping center deserves a 4.0 GPA. Over Christmas, the tinsel covered walkways with lights, festive music and a Christmas tree spread the holiday cheer and good vibes all around.


You are only steps from the Farmer's Market. Grab some fresh food and sit around the center of the markets at the tables and listen to the hustle and bustle around you as locals and tourists alike enjoy a meal. The perfect place for people watching. Don't forget to pick up some fresh fruit for a mid-afternoon snack!

You've done so well with your budgeting for your lodging…

So a treat would be well-deserved. If you're a foodie, why not go on a little food truck spending spree. Outside LACMA, you will be greeted with a line of food trucks - not unlike the sight outside the Met in New York City and outside museum row in Washington DC. From the El Chato Taco Truck to Banh Mi sandwiches at from Banh In The USA to a lobster roll from Mainely Lobster, there is something to suit every taste. And you can't pick? Why not grab one of each to share? You deserve it! Remember?

Spend Less, Do More

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